We are Colombian entrepreneurs passionated by the agricultural, we understand and value the goodness of a region such as the east of Antioquia (oriente antioqueño), we are in love of our land and its traditions, we decide to create a business not only with the idea of generate money, but also to contribute in a responsible and dynamic way to the people of our town, impacting with transversal proyects to our business vision, our priority is the human being


Blooming Mountain is an organization dedicated to the production and merchandising of hydrangea in the east of Antioquia (oriente antioqueño), with our products we fullfil our commitment of produce fresh and delicate flowers of great quality, always for the protection of natural resoucess, the goodness of our workers and the communities of incidence.


By the year 2022, we will be a referent of quality and enviromental responsability; always innovating and attending the requirements of our clients with high quality standars

Quality policy

the management of Blooming Mountain is commited to all the needed actions to the protection and promotion of the health of our workers maintainig his physical integrity through the risk control, the continual improvement in the process and protection of the enviroment creating awareness in the conservation of the natural resourcess


To be a profitable and sustainable company focused to help the small agricultures and to offer guaranties to the poblation. To produce high quality flowers through clean and friendly practices with the enviroment. To protect the health and wellness of our workers maximizing their capacities through continual education and capacitation.

"We hydrated all our flowers with Chrysal" - 2017

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